Legal Disclaimer

We won’t bore you with all that incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo, just this short list of don’ts:

  1. Downloading pirated software may be illegal in your country. Illegal = wrong. Don’t do illegal stuff.
  2. has a forum. Discussing illegal software is fine, but please don’t do it on our website.

If everybody sticks to that, we don’t need to worry about the RIAA, MPAA or Brein nazi’s threatening to close us down and forbid URD and whatnot.


Privacy Statement

The URD application only requires valid credentials for the usenet server to download from. These credentials are private and are not sent to us or anyone else.

Your visit on this website is likely to be stored in logfiles, as is the case in 99.9% of all visits on all websites. We won’t publish or sell these logs to others, nor will we use them for any other purpose than improving this website’s accessibility.

If you want to post on our forum you will need an email account. We encourage you to set up an anonymous forum account. You can get temporary e-mail addresses at . (We require e-mail activation to reduce the vast number of spam accounts.) Don’t enter any information you don’t feel like sharing.

We shall not sell your e-mail accounts to online-marketing companies.

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